The Little Aromas Team

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We believe that all great companies stem from great employees, which is why we only have the best, brightest, and friendliest individuals to join our team. Learn more about the people behind Little Aromas below from the Owner&Founder to the Brand Reps.

"We're all wax mad here"



Owner and Founder

I'm Sarah, I'm 27 and I'm the Owner and Founder of Little Aromas.


Little Aroma's Deliverer

Josh is not only my partner but also my supporter and our delivery driver. If you order with Local Delivery then Josh will be the one to deliver for you. He is friendly outgoing so he'll be sure to give you anoutstanding delivery experience.


Brand Rep

Well Becca has been in my life a few years now, she's my best friend so how can I not have her as a Rep?! To be honest, Becca won her place rightfully as she watched me build Little Aromas from the very beginning and tried her best to guide me through the tough times with it. Becca was my first ever customer and has just kept coming back ever since. Becca is also the web page photographer as I always like her photos better than my own. This girl has supported me from day one, she's just a diamond.

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Little Aromas watermark.png


Brand Rep

She's just the best, EVER! Caitlin was one of the first to Rep for me and she is still here giving it her all. We pretty much hit it off right away, Caitlin has become one of my closest friends and she's been there through most of the highs and lows. Caitlin goes above and beyond for Little Aromas and I'm so grateful that she chose to be apart of this growing business.


Brand Rep

Lucy has her own blog "Love Lucy x" which is such a good read! Blogging is something Lucy's passionate about which I admirer. I love seeing a girl with fire, it makes them different and usually means they work hard and never give up no matter what the situation. Lucy has featured Little Aromas numerous times on her blog now and each time I read them, I just end up bawling and fall in love with Little Aromas all over again. The love and compassion she puts into it her articles are just something else and leave me speechless every time. It's a wonderful thing reading about a business you've created and seeing how much someone else loves it.


Brand Rep

Taryn has always gone out of her way to place orders, usually big ones to help promote each scent and shape possible. Taryn helps promote when she can but with children and lockdown it ahs been a difficult juggle, as it has all of us. Taryn always offers support and makes you aware she's there regardless.