Candles and Essential Oils

Returns Policy

If you are unhappy with an order or there is something wrong with an item and you wish to return then please message us and we will work as quickly as possible to fix it. 

If you wish to return an item then you have up to 14 days to do so but in order to get a refund, this item must be unopened. 

We try to package all orders the best we can so there's no damage but once the orders have left our hands and gone into the hands of Royal Mail it's no longer down to us and sometimes damage does happen. If you receive an item damage them please take pictures of the packaging, item etc so we can see how this has possibly happened and can find a way to prevent it from happening again.

In order to get a refund you must be able to prove it happened while on it's way to you as we've had people break items just to get a refund numerous times before and we can not tolerate this.